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Dr. Caplan's Virtual Visit

Previously recorded live podcast from our 420 event

In this live podcast episode, Dr. Benjamin Caplan, a renowned expert in clinical cannabis, explained how cannabis interacts with our body's endocannabinoid system (ECS). The host began by discussing what THC and CBD are and how they could help with managing pain, improving moods, and enhancing happiness. Caplan explained our "endocannabinoid tone," which basically means some people might naturally be more relaxed or grumpy than others.

He also talked about the potential of cannabis in medicine and how a lesser-known component, THCV, could significantly impact conditions like diabetes and Crohn's disease. Caplan's extensive background in medical cannabis was highlighted, including his book "The Doctor Approved Cannabis Handbook." He discussed the ECS in a way that's easy to understand, touching on how it affects almost everything in our bodies. He mentioned how most people are unaware of the importance of cannabinoids other than THC and CBD.

He also suggested that the lack of cannabis in our diets might be linked to an increase in inflammatory conditions. A guest shared their experience of successfully using cannabis to manage Crohn's disease.


Where to Find the Book:


1This is unedited footage of a live podcast recording.

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